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Architectural Films

Professionally installed LLumar solar control film will greatly enhance the energy efficiency by greatly reducing the amount of solar energy entering the enclosure through the glass windows and doors, look and functionality of your glass windows. This translates into lower utility bills (energy costs are reduced by up to 15%), improved comfort, added privacy and style.

LLumar films also cut out 99% of the ultraviolet rays entering your house through the glass windows and thus protect your interior furnishings from fading. LLumar Decorative films are available in Frosts, Patterns, Textures and Specialties. They bring life into existing properties or new projects. Combine your design skills and creativity (Our ability to cut any design you dream of into our frost films) with the flexibility of LLumar decorative films and the possibilities are endless.


Whether you intend to start the glazing process or upgrade the performance of existing glazing, Our high performance films gives you the following benefits :

  • Energy Efficiency: Resulting in energy savings on heating and cooling
  • Solar protection : up to 80% rejection of heat gain
  • Glare reduction : up to 90% reduction in glare
  • save up money
  • safety and protection: Impact protection, resistance to manual attack, blast mitigation, anti graffiti
  • Decor


Frosted glass looks a little different from the typical clear: ; glass and finds applications in various areas, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a space. Our frosted window film from our partner LLUMAR is a stylish product designed to obscure glass for privacy during the day and at night, and for added security in your home or office. It is also affordable and durable.The glass comes out as translucent, obscuring visibility even as it transmits light. Our frosted window vinyl can be purchased cut to size bespoke to your window measurements, or off the roll by the metre.


  • Plain frost
  • white frosted window
  • Etched glass effect window
  • static cling frosted film
  • Solar protection frost
  • Patterned frost
  • House number frost
  • Decorative frost
  • Victorian designs
  • Opal obscure frost
  • Office & partitioned frost
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